The eyes have been called the windows to the soul. But if they’re framed by dark circles, sagging lids and crow’s feet, all your beauty and positive light can have difficulty shining through those external aging elements. So as we look towards the fall season, it’s time to take consider what you can do to set yourself in better focus.


1. A Little Lift

Botox (Dysport, Xeomin)—Regardless of the neurotoxin your RN or MD uses, a few strategic injections can create a lift in the eyebrow that opens the eyes. Fifteen minutes and $400 later, you’ve got a pair youthful arches and a fresh focus for the next 3 to 4 months.

2. A Skin Smoother

The right skin care product for the delicate skin around the eyes can hydrate, lift and refresh the eye area. Our favorite? JF Aesthetic’s Eye Lifter (CEGA Eye Resurfacer), a phenomenal product that will resurface and smooth the eye area (top and bottom) within about 2 weeks. (No kidding!) A 6-month supply at $75 makes this a “must” for just about everyone!

3. Lighten Up!

You’ve heard it before: There’s nothing you can do for dark circles. And if we’re talking about all the products on the market that claim to diminish those discolorations, take our word for it—they won’t deliver on their promises. However, there is an in-office solution that can help. With a strategic combination of medical-grade lightening agents and laser treatments (determined by your MD), you are more likely to get real, lasting results.

4. The Surgery Solution

Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) is necessary when there’s no other way to pick up the excess skin around the eye area. (It’s this skin that can leave you looking tired, unhappy or angry, even if you’re the happiest person on the block.) A little nip and tuck with this procedure can reassert your confidence and ability to effectively communicate with something as simple as a glance.