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Eliza Drewa is an award-winning writer and editor with expertise in the cosmetic surgery, health and beauty industries. As a consumer-patient advocate, Eliza approaches the industry from a real woman’s perspective, bridging the gap between medical experts and the lay person.

Hailing from medical trade magazine Cosmetic Surgery Times and consumer magazines ITK Beauty and New You with more than a decade of industry experience, Eliza’s flair for writing and passion for beauty and anti-aging bring aesthetic communications to life from a woman’s perspective in a largely male physician-dominated industry.

(She also admits to having a passionate Botox affair.)

But more than just a pretty face… Eliza stays ahead of the trends by regularly attending cosmetic surgery industry meetings, browsing the scientific literature and collaborating with The Few Institute as an objective patient-consumer voice.

Her work has appeared in Plastic Surgery News, Cosmetic Surgery Times, New You, In the Know, and Liposuction and Cosmetic Surgery tablet-only magazines. In 2011, she had the distinct honor of winning a Folio Award (Eddie, Silver) in the Consumer, Women’s Fashion/Lifestyle, Single Article category for her story Facial Fillers 101, beating out Marie Claire.

As a professional communicator in the aesthetic industry, I’m up to my nasolabial folds in all things cosmetic. (It’s a beautiful thing!) It is my goal is to educate, inspire, and motivate my fellow beauty lovers to make informed decisions about their external appearance as well as their internal well-being. My motto? Be smart, be beautiful!”

Eliza has a BA in Creative Writing from Louisiana State University and an MA in English Rhetoric from New Mexico State University.

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Eliza Drewa

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