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TFI’s Botox Benefits Program


Botox Benefits Program

Are you a regular TFI Botox patient? We have a new way for you to pay and save on your regular treatments!

Purchase a vial of Botox upfront for $16/unit, and save $200 per vial!* (Normal pricing is $18/unit.)

Call to purchase yours today! 312.202.0882

*The Botox Benefits program pricing is limited to injections with Aesthetic Nurses Shay and Elizabeth only.


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For the Love of Lashes… The Latest on Lash Enhancement!


Looking for the latest on lash enhancement? Look no more! Satisfying the most curious of cosmetic-driven minds, our very own makeup expert Courtney Snider shares everything from the gold standard to the quick fix for eyelash enhancements!

Courtney Snider

“Every woman dreams of long, full, dark lashes. Reality is, however, we’re not all born with them. Most of us have room to improve, so thankfully today’s beauty world offers us many ways to ‘fake’ a thick lash. From falsies to LashDips, the pursuit of the perfect lash can become addicting. This blog is for all you girls on the lookout for longer lashes!”


“A topical product that lengthens and thickens your own lashes, Latisse is the gold standard for growing your own beautiful, dark lashes. Available only through a physician’s office, Latisse comes in a 5 mL kit and lasts up to 2 months. Here’s how it works: Every night after cleansing the skin, apply a drop of latisse with a brush to the upper lid, just as you would a liquid eyeliner. Quick. Simple. Great results!”

$185 per kit. Available at The Few Institute.

Lash Extensions

“Not new to the beauty world, but still wildly popular are lash extensions, which add the length and thickness you want for multiple weeks. In my own experience, I like being able to choose the length and thickness I want and they look great, but they also take their toll on the wallet. However, you can get a “flirty look” for around $100.00 at the lashe spot in Downtown Chicago. I see this being a not too expensive way to spice up your look for a night on the town with the girls that will last a few weeks.”


“One of the latest lash trends is LashDip, a semi-permanent mascara created by makeup artists Jessica Harley & Gina Mondragon. LashDip is known to give you the ‘Barbie doll effect.’ Your lashes appear dark, dense, and a little stiff. This is a good option for lush lashes for an upcoming event you have planned. ‘Dipping’ is currently in 50 salons across the country.

I always recommend researching ‘lash bars’ before getting any services. I believe the artist should be certified and have a lot of experience. Lashes are not cheap and we all deserve beautiful outcomes.

“A quick lesson on LashDip: The makeup artist applies a coating to the lash, which essentially ‘shrink-wraps’ around each lash. Once dried they last about two weeks or longer. Just like lash extensions, LashDip also requires touch-ups. How long your lashes last may be affected by how much sweat, tears, water and/or steam you encounter. A LashDip treatment starts around $250.00 at the lashe spot in Downtown Chicago.”

Falsies (individual or strips)

“Yes, you can have better lashes even on a budget! MY favorites include:

  • Benefit Cosmetic lashes in strips
  • Lash Lovelies-Debutante and individual strips
  • Lash Lovelies-Going Solo

These lashes are available at ULTA for around $15.00 each.”

“The bottom line: Lashes are a gorgeous way to add to your look. I believe a natural look with a full lash and a pop of color on the lips is the perfect easy way to look and feel beautiful!”

Botox Bliss: Less Is More

Whether it’s part of your beauty regimen or not, we all know that Botox has beauty benefits… but if Botox is obvious, it’s a no-no, says Aesthetic RN Elizabeth Reed:

Elizabeth Reed, BSN, RN
Aesthetic Nurse

I believe that less is more, no one should be able to tell by looking at you that you get Botox. One of my pet peeves is when I walk down Michigan Avenue and see BAD Botox, including the Dr. Spock-look (I know some of you know what I mean)! Not only should that not happen with Botox, but if it does it can (and should) be fixed. Botox is one of my favorite treatments to do for patients. Not only is it a quick treatment, but it helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles, can help prevent new wrinkles from forming, and is imperceptible in the hands of a trained professional.
The moral of this story? Botox should help enhance your beauty not take away from it.

Modern Luxury – CS, January 2013


Still Thinking Turkey? Time to Think Ultherapy!


Thanksgiving may be behind us, but turkey may still be on your mind—turkey neck, that is. You know what I’m talking about. It’s those tell-tale lines and little gobbler under the neck that have appeared with age. But if you think surgery is the only fix to your neck nuisances, the latest innovation in cometic medicine will have you thinking again. Ultherapy has just been FDA-approved to treat your turkey neck.

Mini Neck Lift with Ultherapy

Over the past several years, Ultherapy has demonstrated safety and effectiveness for lifting and tightening the face with the solitary power of ultrasound energy.

One treatment, years of results.

Now physicians across the US have received the FDA’s “okay” to safely and effectively apply this technology to the neck. Instead of undergoing a traditional, invasive neck lift, ultrasound energy combined with injectables (Botox, Dysport) to relax banding (if necessary) can give you a nicer looking neck in a non-invasive way.

Want to know more? Take a look at the wealth of information provided by the manufacturer or contact your Chicago experts at The Few Institute.


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