Eliza Drewa

If there’s one critical beauty lesson we all learn eventually, it’s that there’s always something more to know when it comes to getting the most and the best out of your skincare products… and, as I recently learned, even so-called beauty experts aren’t immune.

I was in the TFI-Chicago office last week and did what any skin-obsessed girl would do: I cornered their licensed esthetician, Diane Cordon, to find out why (oh, WHY?) I have such dried out skin. Every time I step in front of a mirror, I explained (complained) to her, those fine and crepey wrinkles popping up around my smile lines kept reminding me that I’m finally getting older. The fact that they were shouting, “Moisture, moisture!” didn’t make me feel any better about them.

“What products are you using?” she asked.

LC Cleanser, Rnol, Moisture Complete, I said. “But I need a good serum, or something. Something moisturizing.”

“What about HP Gel?” she asked.

I stood there, my brain turning slowly. The moisture gel? I knew I had that in the cabinet at home. I never thought about using it that way though. I was clearly not convinced that this was the answer. But wait—she wasn’t done yet.

“Let me tell you what happens,” she began. “You use a retinol, so you’re constantly turning over new skin cells. But what happens to the old ones? You have to manually remove them with a good exfoliator.” Pointing to my offending, parenthetic wrinkles she said, “That’s just dead skin that needs to be removed.”

NOT a pretty picture to be sure.

“Adding a hydrating gel will give your skin what it needs: A drink of water. Do you have a few minutes?” she asked, smiling with her head tilted to one side. I can’t say for certain, but my bet is that Diane couldn’t wait to show me the error of my ways.

A few minutes for you, oh, Skin Goddess? Oh, yes, YES! And with the tracking desire of a heat-seeking missile, I let her lead me to one of TFI’s treatment rooms. One LC Cleaner wash and massage, mechanical exfoliation, hyaluronic gel, and skin hydrating Decleor essential aromatherapy oil treatment later, this girl had beautiful, hydrated, glowing skin. The best part? She was right. Those weren’t wrinkles… This girl is putting those off till another day after all.

And there is a moral to this story. Just because you have great products and use them diligently, they don’t take the place of a strategic professional clean up for the skin. And, hey, the timing couldn’t be better. Here comes spring! The only question is, what will it do for you? If you’re in Chicago, my advice is to give Diane a call (312.202.0882) to find out first-hand how she can help you to love your skin again!

Eliza D.